Rectifiable Polyominoes

Here is list of known rectifiable polyominoes - polyominoes which tile rectangles.

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Picture Area Order Min. rect. Min. rect. area Prime rect. Square order Min. square Min. sqr. area Odd order Min. odd rect. Min. odd. area Min. reptile
O tetromino412x24112x2412x242
O 9-omino913x39113x3913x392
I triomino311x33133x3911x332
I2 octomino812x48124x41612x482
G octomino824x416≥ 124x416???4
J1 octomino824x416≥ 124x416????
P3 octomino824x416≥ 424x416???4
I tetromino411x44144x41611x442
L tetromino422x48244x4162
T tetromino444x416144x4164
I pentomino511x55155x52511x552
A 9-omino923x618≥ 1746x636≤ 24719x117≤ 22236
P1 9-omino922x9
18≥ 446x636155x27
B1 9-omino946x636≥ 2146x636????
P2 9-omino946x636≥ 2646x636≤ 8727x29≤ 7836
I hexomino611x66166x63611x662
O hexomino612x36166x63612x362
L hexomino622x612≥ 866x636219x141266
P hexomino622x6
L triomino322x362126x636155x9452
I heptomino711x77177x74911x772
I1 octomino811x88188x86411x882
L1 octomino822x816488x8644
P1 octomino822x816≥ 588x864???4
P2 octomino822x816≥ 588x864???4
I 9-omino911x99199x98111x992
L pentomino522x51022010x10100217x151054
P pentomino522x51022010x10100217x151052
Y pentomino5105x1050402010x101004515x152259
L1 12-omino1288x1296≥ 21212x12144???12
A hexomino623x412≥ 12412x12144????
F hexomino623x412≥ 12412x12144???8
J hexomino623x41212412x121446
D hexomino644x62422412x121446
L1 heptomino722x71422814x14196279x211896
P1 heptomino722x714≥ 42814x14196≤ 5719x21≤ 399?
P4 heptomino722x71432814x141963311x212314
P3 heptomino72814x14196≥ 372814x141964515x21315?
L1 9-omino922x918≥ 123618x183243311x272978
L1 20-omino201212x20240≥ 32020x20400????
B hexomino6189x12108≥ 269624x245769
L2 15-omino156030x30900≥ 16030x30900????
Y1 hexomino69223x24552≥ 45≤ 38448x48≤ 2304????
P3 9-omino922x918≥ 9???≤ 9515x57
≤ 855?
P2 heptomino77619x28532≥ 26???≤ 15321x51≤ 1071?
L2 octomino8≤ 18036x40≤ 1440≥ 12???????
P1 11-omino11≤ 27054x55≤ 2970≥ 2???≤ 42347x99≤ 4653?